Inconceivable! Top Ten Most Often Quoted Lines

“The Princess Bride” has been a fan favorite and cult hit since its original release date, and has provided countless audiences with a viewing experience like no other. Learning more about this film, adding it to your library or titles or even screening it for the first time can all be very rewarding efforts. Classic works and the most popular films to be released over the years may not be something that you want to miss out on. When it comes to assembling the perfect home library or film collection, overlooking this beloved classic could prove to be a very Read the rest of this entry »

The Princess Bride: The Making Of A Cult Classic

Even the most fanatic lovers of The Princess Bride may find these trivia new and interesting.

Mandy Patinkin who played Inigo claims that this character is his favorite out of his whole career. He states that at least twice a day fans will come up to him quoting his famous lines “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”

Director Rob Reiner’s father Carl Reiner was friends with the books author William Goldman.

Chris Sarandon who played Prince Humperdinck is the ex-husband of Susan Sarandon.

If you look the grandson’s Read the rest of this entry »

Behind The Scenes Trivia And Little Known Facts

“The Princess Bride” has charmed countless viewers since its 1987 release, but few know these interesting tidbits about the modern fairytale.

Director Rob Reiner laughed so hard during Billy Crystal’s scenes that he had to leave the set because he felt nauseated.

Although Andre the Giant’s character, Fezzik, had incredible strength, he experienced back problems during filming that prevented him from really lifting heavy objects. In the scene in which Buttercup leaps from the castle window, Robin Wright had Read the rest of this entry »

What the Cast Has Been Up To

Whether you’ve been scoping them out on your http://www.satellitestarinternet.com/ internet connection or if a short Entertainment Tonight feature captured your attention, you may be wondering what happened to the Bride’s biggest names. Here’s what’s been going on with the cast since the film:

Andre the Giant: Unfortunately Andre died a couple of decades ago but not before he went on to make some of the most memorable cameos in ridiculous film history. Rest in Peace.

Mandy Patinkin: If you’ve ever seen the show Criminal Minds you know what Mandy’s been up to. He’s also one of the stars of Showtime’s newest spy thriller and we think he’s just a pretty cool dude all around, if you’re asking.

Robin Wright: Well, we know what she’s been up to in her personal life, at least. While starring in a few unremarkable film roles in the last few decades Robin married and subsequently divorced screen legend (and bad boy) Sean Penn – it was as tumultuous as it was predictable but she’ll always be a princess in our hearts.

Who would YOU like to know more about?

Seven Degrees Of The Princess Bride

The Princess Bride was adapted from a book written in 1973 by William Goldman. In the very beginning of the book, he claims it is an abridgment of an older version by S. Morgenstern, alleging the full version is dreadfully boring. He says that to keep the interest of the reader, he has taken those boring parts out and left only the romance and adventure in. This is, in fact, a lie. William wrote the book in its entirety and the idea of an ” Read the rest of this entry »

Where Are They Now – Rob Reiner and Andrew Scheinman

Rob Reiner first became well known by playing the sarcastic son in law on the 70s hit show “All In The Family”. He frequently made viewers laugh with his verbal altercations with Archie Bunker. Nowadays, Rob Reiner is still entertaining his viewers, but by directing and producing some of the most successful films of the past few decades.

Rob Reiner was responsible for directing huge movie hits such as “Stand By Me”, “A Few Good Men”, “The Princess Bride”, and “When Harry Met Sally”. His most recent project is “Summer at Dog Read the rest of this entry »

Where Are They Now – Chris Sarandon and Christopher Guest

Many celebrities often disappear into obscurity. Many fans find themselves wondering what happened to their favorite stars. Chris Sarandon and Christopher Guest are two of the top celebrities that people often wonder about.

Chris Sarandon was a popular actor of the 1980′s. Some of his most popular roles were in the films The Princess Bride, Fright Night, Child’s play and The Nightmare Before Christmas. He was married to fellow actress Susan Sarandon from 1968 until 1979. By the 1990′s his film career had began to fizzle. In the 200′s he guest starred on Read the rest of this entry »

Where Are They Now – Mandy Patinkin and Wallace Shawn

Mandy Patikin, who played Inigo Montoya in the Princess bride has gone on to have an illustrious career both on the stage and screen.
Wallace Shawn played Vizzini in the original movie. While his career has been less high profile than that of his cast mate he has continued his work as an actor in both television and film, and as a playwright.
Both actors have recently gone back to work on there original characters from the film, by providing voices for the game “The Princess Bride”.
Mandy Patikin is best known for his role in the Princess Bride Read the rest of this entry »