Rob Reiner first became well known by playing the sarcastic son in law on the 70s hit show “All In The Family”. He frequently made viewers laugh with his verbal altercations with Archie Bunker. Nowadays, Rob Reiner is still entertaining his viewers, but by directing and producing some of the most successful films of the past few decades.

Rob Reiner was responsible for directing huge movie hits such as “Stand By Me”, “A Few Good Men”, “The Princess Bride”, and “When Harry Met Sally”. His most recent project is “Summer at Dog Dave’s” which is the compelling story of a wheelchair bound writer who moves to a rural area to find his inspiration.

Andrew Sheinman has been providing the world with quality movies since 1994. He has also written, produced, and directed many great flicks such as “North”, “Little Big League”, “Stand By Me”, and “A Few Good Men”. Sheinman is also known for producing the television series “Seinfeld”, which won him an Emmy.

Scheinman and Reiner have done a plethora of work together and have once again joined forces in the production and direction of the upcoming film “Summer At Dog Dave’s”. The two geniuses are sure to bring another great feature that world will never forget.Want to know more? Go ahead: ArtsBeat: Critics’ Picks Video: ‘This is Spinal Tap’